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Complete Services For All Your Needs

  • Tuning
  • Appraisals
  • Maintenance
  • New Consoles
  • Rebuilt Consoles
  • Wind Chest Repairs and Releathering

  • Pipe Rank Additions
  • Pipe Finishing and Regulation
  • Digital Rank Additions
  • New Console Systems and Pipe Drivers
  • Zimbelsterns


What We Offer You...


Tuning is such a vital part of good pipe organ ownership.  We don't simply gloss-over the instrument hitting just those pipes that are wildly out of tune.

The tuning process includes making adjustments to make sure that tuning becomes more stable.  Careful adjustment of tuning slides and removal of dust and debris that can cause tuning instability are all part of this basic yet vital process.

It's essential that the temperature in the church is properly set before tuning is performed.  The organ is only in-tune and at the proper pitch when it is tuned at the same temperature at which it will be used for public performance.


During the tuning process, we assess the overall condition of all the systems of the organ.  We routi​nely make minor repairs and adjustments. 

We also identify more serious issues that need to be addressed before they result in failures of various components.


There's nothing worse than arriving to play a service and having an unexpected problem -- we work hard to eliminate this worry!


A pipe organ is a major investment.  One that deserves proper and continuous care.  But, even with the best of care things eventually wear out and begin to fail.

Replacing a pipe organ is almost never a good or practical idea.  And so rebuilding is a logical choice.

We specialize in rebuilding of all system components.  Restoring the full functionality and use of the instrument -- sometimes better than it was when it was new!

Additions and New Organs

One of the things we do best, is extending the resources of an existing instrument.  This can be done in a multitude of ways.

New pipe ranks or digital ranks, MIDI capabilities, new console control systems to expand memories levels, just about anything your mind can imagine.

We can provide a new instrument - pipe or digital or a combination of the two.

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