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J.W.Akers & Associates, LLC was started in 2007.  

I began my career in the pipe organ industry in1976 when I helped a hobbyist with his ca. 1925 Reuter pipe organ that he had installed in a former carriage shed in Loveland, Colorado.


I am passionate about the organ and dedicated to make every instrument under my care the very best that it can be.



​One of the things that differentiates my services from others is that I am an experienced Organist and Choir Director at a church, and so therefore I know how important it is to maintain an instrument.  Additionally, I know how the organ is used and what it should sound like!  It's not just a "job" to me -- it's part of my very being.


We are proud to be able to offer complete pipe organ services.  Tuning and maintenance are fundamental to what we do.  Additionally, we can provide new organs, additions and rebuilding services for existing instruments. We can also provide new digital instruments when a pipe organ is not desired.


We offer a wide range of organs and related products.  Pipe organs, pipe additions, digital organs and additions.  Plus, MIDI products, speakers and amplifier systems.

Please ask about other related items as we cannot possibly list them all!


"One of the things that thrills me the most is the seamless cohesion between pipes and digital voices.   I just don't hear places where pipe ranks and digital voices join each other.  It was one of my primary goals. (Larry Gillum, Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO)"

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