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A Zimbelstern is a lovely addition to any instrument.  Both units we offer are of the highest quality.  There are many different options available, so please send us an inquiry and we'll help you decide exactly which one fits your needs the best.


They make the perfect memorial gift!

Variable Speed and
Volume with Delayed Start

Variable Speed and Volume with 5 tuned brass handbells.  The ringing pattern is controlled by an on-board CPU and produces a totally random pattern at any speed or volume.


Adjustable delay rounds out this full-feature Zimbelstern.


Bell pitches - C7, D7, F7, G7, A7 - no tonal center, no tritones

Variable Speed

This Zimbelstern features Variable speed and 8 tuned Brass handbells.


The normal configuration includes bells from C7 through C8.  Alternate pitches (higher) are also available.

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